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A pilot test in two nightclubs in Ibiza will take place either on Friday June 25th or on Friday July 2nd.

We've been saying all Winter that it makes sense to move all clubbing to open-air venues or even build a venue on one of the beaches of Ibiza. It seems the Government & Health Officials agree that parties must resume if Ibiza is to survive this Summer, and take action later this month!

The test parties will be carried out exclusively in two places chosen by the Government. Although each venue has not been named it's almost certainly going to be Ushuaia plus another open air venue.

The outdoor areas of ​​the venues will be divided into three zones for this experiment - in order to gather valuable information.

Access to the events will be done through QR codes, for which several technology companies have been put on the table to help with everything related to covid test results or health certification. For this pilot test, people who have had a dose of vaccine will be treated as immunized. Tickets & reservations will all be done electronically for these test events.

If everything goes well, 15 days after these test events, open-air clubbing venues will be able to open normally. Interiors of clubs will remain closed but open-air parties will be the focus of Summer 2021!

We expect line-ups for events to start being announced early to mid-July.



Let's be really clear about this... restrictions on numbers and capacity affects almost everything that you want to do!

It's not just in Ibiza - anywhere you go at the moment has limits on the number of people allowed.

If your favorite restaurant or beach club can only welcome 50% of their normal capacity, you need to plan ahead and reserve your table or sunbeds with plenty of notice. This Summer you simply can't expect to walk in or pick up the phone and expect availability.

Now that it looks promising that open-air clubbing will start mid-July, it would be logical to assume that VIP tables will also be limited availability & in 'high-demand!'. Not only should you be booking early, you'll need quality contacts to help you get tables... we can help you with that!

If you are using our daily chauffeur service, we will take care of all your VIP Table requests at no extra cost!

The restritions and reduced availability also affects how a business operates this season. Staff numbers will be reduced...

Here at Ibiza VIP Chauffeurs we are operating a reduced fleet of vehicles. With no guarantee of a full 6 month season it's impossible for us to support a full range of vehicles. This means we also have reduced availability, and we are encouraging our regular clientele to pre-book before they arrive.

No matter what it is you want to do, it's essential that everything is arranged before you travel to the Island. What could be worse than spending your entire vacation standing in queues or waiting for cancellations?


"There was an amazing party last night at Blah Blah Beach Restaurant! It wasn't planned - it was just one of those evenings when the right crowd all came together with a great Dj... and magic happened!

It was the best party of the summer so far! ... were you there?"

Don't spend your entire vacation hearing "about last night" from other people who were simply in the right place at the right time! Never miss a chance to "be there" when something special is happening!

When the right crowd gather at certain venues on certain days, those spontaneous, magical times are created.

Chances are that you'll spend your vacation searching for the right vibe, whilst the best parties are popping up elswhere without notice. Although you won't find parties advertised, they are happening - and we hear about them first! Our chauffeurs drive clients to these events, and when they see something special happening, we let the rest of our team (and our clients) know about it!

If you're coming to Ibiza and you want to be in 'the right place at the right time' - you need some help from locals like us....

Why not hire one of our chauffeur-assistants for the duration of your vacation? We have drivers available with & without vehicles. You can be driven in one of our premium SUV's or Luxury Minivans - or you can hire your own choice of vehicle and have one of our professionals drive it for you.

We'll keep you posted on what's happening in real-time on the island, and make sure you're always at the "right place at the right time!"

There's nothing worse than hearing about an amazing party that happened last night. Maximise your chances of being at all of the week's best events by hiring one of our chauffeur team members.

Full-Time Private Chauffeurs can be expensive in Ibiza! This Summer we launch our

"Driver-Only Service"

This service is aimed at clients who really want a premium car service with their own personal vehicle. Maybe you have your own vehicle here on the island or you have hired a specific model from a prestige rental company...

Our professional chauffeurs can be hired [without vehicle] to drive you and your guests in your own car.

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